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Dynamic Pricing

What is Dynamic Pricing?

Dynamic Pricing, by definition, refers to our rates changing constantly in real time, based on the demand of the consumer. Plenty of factors play into the fluctuation of our rates such as time of day, weather, and most importantly demand. This model operates in real time and prices fluctuate as time sell or get cancelled.

How does this benefit you?

Dynamic Pricing allows you to get the tee time and price you want by booking in advance and taking advantage of our 30 day booking window! The sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting a lower price! This pricing model is new to the golf industry; however airlines, hotels, and even sports teams have been using this pricing model for years to better serve their guests and fans.

How can I find the best available rate today?

To book your next tee time at Seaview Golf Club click here or contact us at Call Seaview Golf Club at (609) 748-7680. We look forward to having you at our award winning facility for your next round of golf!

**Seaview Golf Club charges a rider fee for any non-playing guest on the course and require the guest to have a valid drivers license**

Cancellation Policy

  • For all reservations made 7 days or further in advance - 48 hours
  • For all reservations made inside of 7 days - 24 hours
  • Weekends are defined as Friday - Sunday
  • Weekdays are defined as Monday - Thursday

*If you fail to contact the golf shop to reduce or cancel an advance booking, within the above terms, you will be responsible for the entire reservation.

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